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传奇国度 (Legendary Kingdom) game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: January 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

传奇国度 (Legendary Kingdom) is a captivating MMORPG action game developed by 传奇国度 (Legendary Kingdom) for the PC platform. This game boasts a wide array of features that appeal to various types of gamers, including casual game enthusiasts, role-playing aficionados, and those who enjoy idle games. It combines elements of computer role-playing games (CRPGs), MMO, slasher, and pseudo-3D realism, creating a unique blend that is both dramatic and retro. Players can immerse themselves in intense player versus player (PvP) combat, cooperative play (co-op), and online multiplayer modes. The game also includes in-app purchases, allowing players to enhance their gaming experience.

Worldwide, 传奇国度 is distributed free of charge by the publisher 传奇国度. The game was officially released on December 23, 2020, and has since captivated a substantial player base. It is available for download on the official website and various other platforms. The game is also distributed through the Steam store, although user reviews on Steam are still forthcoming.

The development of 传奇国度 spanned approximately two years, targeting the Chinese market and a broader global audience of MMORPG enthusiasts. The development team focused on creating a game that combines classic MMORPG elements with modern features to attract both nostalgic players and new gamers. Since its release, the game has attracted an estimated daily player count of around 50,000, with an annual player base reaching over 1 million. The total player base since launch is estimated to be around 3 million players.

The official description of the game reads:

"混沌 之 界 , 沙城 战乱 荡遍中 州 , 你 已 不 住 平庸洗脑 的 粗糙感 , 摇旗怒吼 : 已 无传奇! 到 《传奇 国度》 降临 经典 , 你 方 才 寻觅 传奇 灵魂 灵魂 灵魂 灵魂 灵魂 灵魂 灵魂 HI , 玛法 之 气息! 全新 天赋 来袭 , 伴随 至 尊铭文 , , 现象级 超凡 体验 ; 兵魂 附魔 幻化 元素 之 魂 伴随 特性 , 摒弃 庸俗 羊 之 ; "装超级祭炼,战力爆棚!"


MMOTOP.ORG has conducted an in-depth review of 传奇国度. The game impresses with its rich array of features and diverse gameplay modes. The combination of classic and modern MMORPG elements makes it appealing to a wide audience. However, there are some areas where the game could improve. The in-app purchases, while optional, can give paying players a significant advantage, which may deter some gamers. Additionally, the game's graphics, while nostalgic, may not appeal to those seeking cutting-edge visuals.

Overall, we rate 传奇国度 55 out of 100. It is a solid game with a loyal player base, but it falls short in some areas that prevent it from being a top contender in the MMO genre.


What platforms is 传奇国度 available on?

传奇国度 is available exclusively on the PC platform.

Is 传奇国度 free to play?

Yes, 传奇国度 is distributed free of charge by the publisher 传奇国度. However, it includes in-app purchases.

When was 传奇国度 released?

传奇国度 was officially released on December 23, 2020.

How many players does 传奇国度 have?

传奇国度 has an estimated daily player count of 50,000, with an annual player base of over 1 million. The total player base since launch is around 3 million.

Game information last update: 19.04.2024

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