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Time Order - a game by Parallel Universe DE HK Ltd., developed for PC platform. The project combines genres and elements such as action, MMORPG, and RPG. Players also highlight features like action, MMO, online cooperative play, and mechs.

Worldwide, the game will be distributed as a one-time purchase model. The game is published directly by Parallel Universe DE HK Ltd. Currently, the game is in development.

MMOTOP.ORG has not yet reviewed Time Order. The game is available on the Steam store, where users have not yet left reviews.

The official game description states: "You need to decide the faction you are born into and fight for it, gradually becoming the most powerful Star Warrior. Power armor and energy core will be one of the most important cores that accompany players' growth. You can freely create your own mecha set and conquer the entire vast universe."

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