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白蛇仙劫 (Bái Shé Xiān Jié) game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: October 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

白蛇仙劫 (Bái Shé Xiān Jié) is an MMORPG game developed by 玩家礼包群:775976341 for the PC platform. The game stands out with its rich array of features, including role-playing elements, an immersive anime-inspired world, and a deep storyline. It includes gameplay modes like massive multiplayer and multiplayer, showcasing a dynamic blend of player vs player (PvP) and player vs environment (PvE) experiences. Players can enjoy extensive character customization, strategy-based combat, and the thrill of hack and slash mechanics. Additional features such as in-game notifications for new moves, in-app purchases, and collectible card game elements add layers of engagement for players.

Worldwide, 白蛇仙劫 is distributed free of charge by 礼包多多,福利多多!. Although the game is currently still in development, it was first released on 11/24/2021. The game is available for download from the official website and various platforms, including Steam, where it is distributed as a free-to-play title. Despite being in early access, it has already garnered attention for its unique take on Chinese folklore, particularly the tale of the White Snake, one of China's Four Great Folktales.

The development of 白蛇仙劫 took several years, with a dedicated team working to bring the intricate storyline and detailed graphics to life. Targeted primarily at fans of MMORPGs and anime, the game aims to captivate a broad audience with its blend of historical and fantasy elements. Currently, it boasts an active player base, with thousands of players engaging daily and a growing community of enthusiasts worldwide. It's estimated that the game has accumulated a player base of over 500,000 since its release.

The game’s official description reads: "《白 蛇 仙劫》 是 ​​款 以 中国 四 民间 传说 之一 的 白蛇 传为 蓝本 , 用 爱 凄美 的 重塑 神魔 仙侠 之间 的 旷世。 经典 的 细腻 剧情 , 选择 的 的 的 的 的 HI修仙 之 道 , 酣畅 刺激 战斗 冲击。 仙魔 的 混沌 三 界 , 等 你 临世 主 乾坤。 天劫 的 玄仙 之 途 , 等 步入 渡尽 红尘!!"


As a fresh entry in the MMORPG genre, 白蛇仙劫 offers a compelling experience rooted in Chinese mythology. The game excels in its detailed narrative and visually appealing anime-style graphics. The character customization options allow for a personalized journey through its fantastical world, and the PvP elements add a competitive edge that many players will find engaging.

However, there are areas where 白蛇仙劫 could improve. The game is still in early access, and some features feel underdeveloped or unpolished. Additionally, while the storyline is rich, it can be overwhelming for new players not familiar with the folklore it’s based on. The in-app purchases, while not mandatory, can sometimes feel intrusive. Despite these shortcomings, 白蛇仙劫 has great potential and is worth keeping an eye on as it continues to develop.

Overall, we rate 白蛇仙劫 55 out of 100. It shows promise but needs more refinement to compete with top-tier MMORPGs.

What platforms is 白蛇仙劫 available on?

白蛇仙劫 is available on the PC platform.

Is 白蛇仙劫 free to play?

Yes, 白蛇仙劫 is distributed free of charge.

When was 白蛇仙劫 released?

白蛇仙劫 was first released on 11/24/2021.

How many players does 白蛇仙劫 have?

The game has an estimated player base of over 500,000 since its release.

Game information last update: 24.04.2024

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