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魔戒领主-暗影传奇 (Lord of the Rings: Shadow Legends) game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: February 1, 2021
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

魔戒领主-暗影传奇 (Lord of the Rings: Shadow Legends) is a captivating action MMORPG game developed by the innovative team at HK-Magic for the PC platform. This game stands out with a plethora of unique features including early access, action-packed gameplay, deep adventure elements, and a rich role-playing experience. The game further dives into the realms of magic, medieval fantasy, retro aesthetics, dark fantasy, and exploration, providing a multifaceted experience for players. The presence of CRPG elements, dragons, colorful visuals, intense sword fighting, and gothic themes adds layers of depth and intrigue. 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 supports massive multiplayer and multiplayer modes, making it a true MMO experience.

The game is published worldwide by HK-Magic and is available for free. Initially released on June 30, 2021, the game has been in active development to refine and enhance the player experience continuously. Available on Steam, players can easily access and download the game from the platform. Additionally, 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 includes in-app purchases, catering to both free-to-play and paying users.

The development of 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 spanned over two years, targeting the global market and catering to MMORPG enthusiasts who crave an immersive and dynamic gameplay experience. The game boasts a growing player base with approximately 50,000 daily active players and an estimated annual engagement of around 18 million players. Since its release, the game has garnered a sizable community, with millions of players engaging in epic battles and quests.


At MMOTOP.ORG, we had the opportunity to delve into 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 and explore its many facets. The game excels in creating a vast and intriguing world filled with challenges and adventures. The graphical design, while colorful and engaging, occasionally falls short in delivering the high-definition visuals expected in contemporary games. Nevertheless, the gameplay mechanics are robust, offering a near-endless variety of quests and battles that keep players engaged.

The game's community aspect is another highlight, with guild battles, territory conquests, and cross-server battles ensuring that there is always something happening in the world of 魔戒领主-暗影传奇. On the downside, the reliance on in-app purchases can be a point of contention for some players, as it may impact the overall balance of the game. Despite its few shortcomings, 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 stands as a strong contender in the MMO genre.

Overall, we rate 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 at 65 out of 100. It is a solid game with a dedicated player base and a wealth of content to explore, though there is room for improvement in terms of graphical fidelity and in-app purchase balance.

What platforms is 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 available on?

魔戒领主-暗影传奇 is available on the PC platform and can be downloaded via Steam.

Is 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 free to play?

Yes, 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 is free to play, although it includes in-app purchases.

When was 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 released?

The game was released on June 30, 2021.

How many players does 魔戒领主-暗影传奇 have?

魔戒领主-暗影传奇 has approximately 50,000 daily active players and an estimated 18 million players annually.

Game information last update: 07.01.2024

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