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Bladecraft game review

Bladecraft is a pseudo 3D MMORPG. It has a distinct focus on arcade fighting games. The project differs from most games of the genre by the presence of complete freedom of character choice. In particular, you can move in any convenient direction. The PvP mode in Bladecraft looks very effective, while being enviably intense. This became possible due to the possibility of using various improvised means to fight the enemy. In particular, here you can not only wield a traditional sword and ax or kick the enemy, but also stun him with a chair or pile a heavy cabinet on him. According to the MMOTOP.ORG website, this approach looks very original.

The game includes eight classes of characters, each of which has a certain set of skills. In addition, the game has a system of combinations and various finishing moves of the enemy. It is clear that Bladecraft is filled with Chinese entourage, which is accompanied by a lot of hieroglyphs, cute screams and a huge riot of bright colors.

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