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Cabal game overview

Platforms: PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: February 17, 2016
Game class / Title: AAA
Game engine Custom
Free to Play

Review of the game Cabal

The fact that anything can be expected from Korean developers, given their manic nature, is known to every user. EST Soft, producing business software for a long time, is no exception. At one delicate moment, the administration came up with the idea to create a free MMORPG, which was radically different from the usual tasks of the company. In such an uncomplicated way, the Cabal Online project appeared. Surprisingly, he did not turn out to be a lump, but quite the contrary - millions of players liked it.


First, the authors thought about it and concluded that the plot plays an essential role for the European consumer. It is necessary somehow to motivate the destruction of thousands of identical monsters. That's where the game world came from.

According to the legends, the world of Nevaret was once under mortal threat. The offenders were a secret society and brotherhood called the Cabal. Under the yoke of brotherhood, the world was pretty battered, and new continents were formed. The world's saviours were the seven wise men who managed to restore the destroyed cities and direct life in the usual direction. However, after several centuries of peace, people began to forget their heritage and again plunged into the abyss of wars and civil strife. The inhabitants split into two warring nations, and the secret cult "Cabal" servants began to appear in the cities again.


At the beginning of the game, after choosing the character's appearance, we are offered to select one of six schools, which are essentially classes. Warriors are traditional fighters, favouring melee weapons and heavy armour. Assassins are stealthy assassins who rely on their arsenal of lightning-fast abilities to fight. Mages are dangerous wizards who use their spells to crush the enemy. Archers are ranged fighters that deal heavy damage and are far from the enemy. Witchers are excellent fighters, having massive melee damage but weak defence. Defenders are superior tanks, using buff spells on themselves and exposing themselves to enemy fire.

Graphic arts

The first acquaintance with the game leaves a good impression. Graphically, the game looks quite lovely and impressive. You can see some similarities with Aion. Giant swords, painted armour (armoured bikinis for ladies), rich colours and good special effects. Enemies performed no less remarkable.

Combat system

After several skirmishes with mobs, it immediately becomes clear that the combat system here is built on combo attacks. Consequently, the monotonous clicking of abilities with the mouse is replaced by various combos, the power of which depends on the length. Players who consider themselves prone to piano playing will undoubtedly appreciate the combat.


We get experience in the game for completing main and side tasks, killing mobs, and exceptionally long combinations (which encourages players to think while beating monsters). An excellent addition is that almost all tasks are related to the main plot.


After the player reaches level 95, factional wars become available - a favourite pastime of the old-timers. Off-scale dynamics characterize spectacular mass battles.


Comparing the game with modern analogues, obvious conclusions arise. First, the picture is much more attractive than the competition. Second, the combat system is relatively fresh at the moment. Third, and most beautiful, the game is distributed as Free-to-Play, but this did not affect the quality of the project.

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