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Lost Ark game overview

Lost Ark
Platforms: PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: February 11, 2022
Game class / Title: AAA
Game engine Unreal Engine 3
Amazon Game Studios
Free to Play

Review of the game Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an MMORPG announced in November 2014 at the Korean exhibition G-Star 2014, which made a splash. Only a handful of Korean projects were able to gain media attention outside of this Asian country so quickly.


So what is Lost Ark? Lost Ark is an open-world MMORPG with action combat and a so-called isometric 2.5D (Quarter View) camera. The game was created by the Tripod studio, owned by the prominent publisher Smilegate (Crossfire). The scale of development is impressive - more than 150 people worked on the game, which is a fantastic figure by any measure. The good old Unreal Engine 3 beats in the chest of Lost Ark, a well-known and time-tested engine. Not the newest, but its graphics (and other) features are more than enough.

Classes and skills in Lost Ark

The developers are incredibly proud of the number of classes, of which eighteen are already announced. The game mechanics for different classes are fundamentally different - each has its own interface, unique weapons, the type of energy used, and ways to accumulate it. To develop skills, the Tripod system is used, which allows you to pump them in various directions, such as elements, effects, areas of effect, and so on. The same ability can radically differ depending on the build, which brings the hero's development to a decent level. Needless to say, that all changes are displayed visually?

In concluding the class conversation, one more important point should be noted. While other developers are trying to get away from the "trinity" scheme (healer, tank and damage dealer), most often covering their unwillingness to make a quality group game in this way, the creators of Lost Ark, on the contrary, took it as a basis. This, according to MMOTOP.ORG, is a big plus since many new projects suffer from a lack of meaningful group play, even if there is such content in the game.

Peaceful professions in Lost Ark

Lost Ark also has peaceful professions with complementary skills. There are very unusual ones, such as archaeologists and astronomers. Skills associated with friendly professions are called crafts. They have a pumping tree, while all changes are displayed visually. So, for example, upgrading your pickaxe to dynamite or changing your fishing rod to the net will see it in-game, not just +2 fishing speed. So the crafting chips don't end there. The fact is that many of the skills are designed so that players can cooperate and help each other.

Game world Lost Ark

The developers have implemented a massive world with many secrets and mysteries, which can only be found by fulfilling certain conditions. There are a large number of interactive objects such as creepers, ropes and cable cars that can become an integral part of your adventures. In some locations, puzzles and difficult navigation await. The world is not static - it is filled with dynamic events, such as the accidental opening of the gates of chaos. In such cases, players from all the surroundings will have to gather to enter the demon world and close them. It is worth noting that most of the world is not made up of instances, as in Action/MO like Vindictus or C9. However, the so-called "phasing" is often used during quests, which temporarily makes the location or part of it an instance. You may have seen this in Guild Wars 2.

Plot Lost Ark

The plot of Lost Ark tells the story of the search for an ark that can stop the hordes of demons that have invaded the world. The main plot of Lost Ark is revealed in dungeon instances and these very phasing zones. The story and events have a tangible impact on the game world, but only within the framework of the dungeons. As for standard quests, you can't do without them. However, even here, the developers were competent and introduced hidden and humorous tasks into the game. To find them, you must be attentive to what is happening around you. Moreover, the game has a system of relations with NPCs, somewhat reminiscent of a similar one in Black Desert, but with its characteristics. Relationships can be improved by playing a musical instrument, completing a task, showing emotion, or giving a gift.

Bosses in Lost Ark

Bosses are one of the main attractions of the Lost Ark. In addition to the magnificent visual component, the battle process itself is fascinating. Were they fighting on the ice with a sea monster? Bang! And you are already in the water because it has broken through the ice under your feet, and only faithful comrades can save your skin. The push for interaction is observed in everything that cannot but rejoice.

Moreover, in fights with bosses, you will have to use interactive objects of the environment, whether some lever or a cannon. The bosses themselves are divided into three types. The first is world bosses of varying difficulty, scattered across locations in the game world and which can be killed by nearby players. The second type is hardcore bosses, the so-called Guardians. They also vary in difficulty. Guardians are usually in dungeons and require more complex tactics, teamwork, and sometimes more people. The third type is story bosses, also located in dungeons.

PvP in Lost Ark

The PvP system of Lost Ark is based on guilds that can declare war on each other and destroy opponents in an open field. Those who do not like such fun will be able to have fun in the arenas and battlefields. The developers hint at other types of PvP, but the matter has not yet progressed further than hints. Perhaps soon.

Marine content in Lost Ark

Talking about Lost Ark, one cannot ignore the marine content. This includes fishing, treasure hunting, secret locations, and sea bosses. The development of this Tripod gold vein was taken specifically. In Lost Ark, you can even discover and take control of new islands, visit sunken ships, and dive for treasure. Cool? Undoubtedly! Marine content is a separate, impressive layer with many exciting activities.

To sum it up: Lost Ark's payment model and launch timeline

There are many other lovely little things in the game, such as mini-games, crafting, equipment upgrades, survival dungeons, infinity tower, extensive customization, mounts and pets, and much more.

Initially, the game was launched in Korea, and then the project entered the russian (the terrorist state) market on October 27, 2019, under the wing of When the global release is expected is still unknown. As for the business model, the Smilegate product is entirely free. The in-game goods contain various costumes with characteristics, mounts, pets, and all kinds of consumables that help in battles.

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