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Metal Reaper Online
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We bring to your attention an excellent game Metal Reaper Online, where the Korean mmorpg is combined with partial pictures of the shooter. Stylistically, the game can be compared with the legendary Fallout. Incredibly gloomy episodes, a range of colors, where the palette of rust and robberies stands out the most. Everything leads to the fact that the player has to go through a difficult path. On this note, the similarity with Fallout ends - the manifestation of the imagination of Korean scriptwriters begins, who did not introduce intricate pictures, but only added a little bit of well-known elements: quests, a lot of blood, and pumping, which is based on skills.

What will please the game picture

As for the gameplay, everything is similar to Diablo: there is a top view, the player in battle has a shotgun, explosive grenades. The game is divided into seven classes, which are characterized by special types of equipment and weapons. Even in the picture there are instanced dungeons, an excellent concept for improving the murder weapons and dynamics, in which liters of blood are constantly shed, spilling from mutants, simple bandits who embellish the picture of the game with their insides. You will find a lot of entertaining games of various genres on the MMOTOP.ORG website, which is available for viewing 24 hours a day.

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