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Neverwinter game overview

Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, XBox One
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: June 20, 2013
Game engine Custom
Cryptic Studios
Free to Play

Playful MMORPG Neverwinter will plunge you into the atmosphere of the cult RPG series Neverwinter Nights, but this time in a global multiplayer format. Cryptic Studios issued an extraordinary, unexpectedly successful project, reviving the faded glory of the series in a new incarnation. So let's see what happened together with MMOTOP.ORG visitors.

Dungeons, dragons and new mechanics

Those who participated in the Dungeons and Dragons battles know that Neverwinter is the name of the city, the northern outpost of the civilization of the D&D world. It stands on the banks of a river that never freezes, hence the name. Neverwinter has always been considered one of the main metropolises of the world and has occupied a central place. Since the players spend most of their time in its stone walls, the designers did their best to make it look as cosy and pretty as possible. And indeed, the city's streets seem to breathe their own life: chickens and children scurry about everywhere, guards march decorously, all this in a unique graphic solution.

The city is undoubtedly good, but players do not come to the world of D&D behind stone walls and not for a beautiful picture. The previously heavyweight combat system of the series has undergone a global overhaul. Now it is lightweight, unobtrusive and uses a slightly simplified non-target principle. You aim freely, but the computer helps you and takes the target as close as possible to the crosshairs by default. On the one hand, it is convenient for an inexperienced player but highly annoying for a hardcore gamer. In general, combat in Neverwinter is exceptionally dynamic. On the other hand, it is strictly forbidden to stand still and cast. On the other hand, the user will have to constantly move, run, jump and leave the application area of strong spells - they are highlighted by a place on the ground (even in PvP).

Class-racial diversity

The character customization system will allow you to sculpt almost any physiognomy from among a vast number of races. Only four types of elves exist moon, sun, forest and half-elf. There is also a drow. This is a dark elf, rendered into a separate race. So what can we say about infernal tieflings and Tolkien's halflings? Also, on the list, there are already two types of draconian - regular and metal.

Classes, unfortunately, are not as diverse as races, but there are also many of them. For example, here is the canonical trickster rogue and a rather exciting heal (it's enjoyable to play, thanks to the switching of stances, this class offers an excellent prospect for development in solo and farming), a tank, an archer, a berserker and a paladin.

Events and craft

Another undoubted plus of the game is the excellent attention of developers to all kinds of PvP and PvE events. You don't have to immerse yourself in the world of the project for three hours to go, for example, to one dungeon. So you always have the opportunity to run for half an hour, stand in a fast queue for the event, run it back and go on with your business with peace of mind.

Although the crafting system does not offer anything new, it is done quite neatly and thoughtfully. If you don't have time to swing a pick yourself or, for example, collect weed, you can always entrust the quest to hire guest workers who will work while you stuff bumps and abrasions in the dungeons. Like another iconic MMORPG project EVE Online, which uses a similar system, character development continues even when you are offline.

User Content Development

The developers even figured out how to please high-level players with sophisticated experience and playing. If you have already run off all possible quests, knocked out everything possible in all events, and now you are bored - go to the workshop! You can create your missions and share them here with the entire D&D world. The list of tasks available for creation is unlimited. There is everything here: solo, group, mini-games and travel, with and without battles. Particularly creative people can even create their campaign with a written plot! By the way, competitions for the title of the best mission creator are constantly held among the masters of the workshop. As a result, the game's content is continuously and dynamically updated.

Without a doubt, Neverwinter was the most significant gaming discovery of 2013. The developers, approaching the game's creation outside the box, have made a wonderful, innovative MMOARPG, which, in addition to the legendary setting, also offers excellent graphics and a unique combat system. In general, play - do not overplay.

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