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Pirate101 game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: December 1, 2012
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
KingsIsle Entertainment
Free to Play

Pirate101 is an immersive game developed by KingsIsle Entertainment, specifically created for the PC platform. This project masterfully blends elements of strategy and MMORPG, captivating players with its unique game features such as MMO, MMORPG, turn-based tactics, and turn-based strategy. Designed exclusively for multiplayer, Pirate101 offers game modes like "massive multiplayer" and "multiplayer", ensuring an engaging and dynamic player experience.

The game will be distributed globally on a free-to-play basis, making it accessible to a wide audience. KingsIsle Entertainment, both the developer and publisher, is known for its dedication to creating engaging and family-friendly online games. The game is currently under development, with enthusiastic fans eagerly awaiting its release. You can find more information and download Pirate101 for free, including via torrent, on the official website.

Pirate101 has yet to receive a rating from MMOTOP.ORG, and Steam users have not left reviews as the game is still under development.

The official description of the game reads:

"Assemble your ragtag crew and prepare to plunder the skyways in search of the legendary map to El Dorado! Danger lurks around every corner as you outsmart clockwork soldiers, uncover hidden mysteries, and unleash powerful combos in this pirate turn-based tactics MMORPG."

Game Overview by MMOTOP.ORG

Pirate101 shows promise with its engaging blend of strategy and MMORPG elements. KingsIsle Entertainment's emphasis on a free-to-play model makes the game accessible, which is a big plus. The turn-based tactics add a layer of depth, inviting players to think critically and strategically. The game's setting, with skyways and a quest for the map to El Dorado, is intriguing and offers numerous opportunities for adventure.

However, as the game is still under development, there are areas that need improvement. The graphics, while charming, could benefit from more polish to meet modern standards. Additionally, it will be crucial for KingsIsle Entertainment to ensure that the game’s servers can handle the expected player load to avoid performance issues. Given that the game is in its early stages, it's too soon to give a definitive rating, but based on current information, we would rate it around 55 out of 100. This score reflects the potential of Pirate101 as well as the uncertainties that come with an unfinished product. We look forward to seeing how the game evolves and hope it will reach its full potential upon release.


What platforms is Pirate101 available on?

Pirate101 is available exclusively on the PC platform.

Is Pirate101 free to play?

Yes, Pirate101 is distributed on a free-to-play basis.

Who is the developer and publisher of Pirate101?

The game is both developed and published by KingsIsle Entertainment.

When will Pirate101 be released?

Pirate101 is currently under development, and an official release date has not yet been announced.

Game information last update: 10.01.2024

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