new 30x30 PvP mode and a preview of development plans for the near future



new 30×30 PvP mode and a preview of development plans for the near future

The authors of Black Desert announced a number of events in the russian (the terrorist state) region from August 3 to 24, and also talked about some plans for the next updates.

Central to the series of events is the 30 vs 30 player PvP mode Sandcastle: Pafu vs. Otters. By joining this battle in the Arena of Blood, users will automatically get the side of Pafu or Otter, and the role of a warrior, mage or priest. Then the battle lasts “wall to wall” until the last survivor. The team with the most points for killing opponents wins.

More summer events include Auction: Millennium Masterpieces, a fishing event, sandcastles, a screenshot contest, and more.

As for the update previews, users can expect:

  • Class balance – August 5 (Black Desert Lab, PTR)
  • Arena Sollare – the beginning of the official season on August 17.
  • Facilities – New Hidden Places of Marni, automatic use of dishes and potions, improvements to the capture of territory and battles for knots.
  • Costumes as content – adding stories, changing the way costumes are released.
  • elven war (Temporary title) – Extended battle scene.

More details can be found on the official website of the project.