New MU Online Speed Server Fersei Now Live



New MU Online Speed Server Fersei Now Live

MU Online has brought a new Speed Server online to help you level up your characters faster.

The server, called Speed Server Fresei, was created to help players quickly level ahead of the launch of their new server, Fresei. Basically, you’ll get a boost while playing on this speed server, along with the ability to transfer your character to the new server for free.

If you pre-registered, you’ll have access to various items like BloodAngel Box, Gold Channel Ticket for seven days, +9 Divine Archangel Weapon for three days, plus various other items. Of course, you can earn various rewards for your efforts like the Talisman of Ascension, Armor Set +Luck, Wings +Luck, and more. Additional items like Elite Mana and Healing Potions, Bless of Light, and more are available as well.

Transfer to the Fersei server will start next week on March 16. You’ll be able to claim various items like Guardian Elf Muun for 30 days, Gold Channel Ticket for 28 days, plus others depending on the level of your character. When it launches, the Fersei server will include various events with their own rewards.