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Universe MU Season 3 Ep1 | Start x15 on Saturday 06.06.2020 at 18 00 UA

Server info

Game Name: MU Online
Game Server Version or Season: Season 3
Experience (Exp) Rates: Hard (10x-50x)

Server description

Characteristics of the new X15 rate

Experience gained x15 (Dynamic Exp by GrandReset)!
Drop: 50-65% (Random)
Server Version: Season 3 Episod 1 Ultimate Remake (Server is maximally improved and configured for season 3);
Maximum level: 400;
Maximum possible reset: 200;
Grand reset: 1 - from 50 resets, 2 - from 100 resets, 3 - from 150 resets, 4 and above - from 200 resets (WCoinC Prizes, Credits, Points, Bonus Item);
C 150 resets need Jewel of Reset;
Maximum stats: 32767;
The maximum number of exellent options for 1 item is 3;
The maximum number of options when donating or shopping on the site is 2, and you add the 3 option yourself with Jewel of Exellent;
There is the possibility of creating Ancient from ordinary or exellent;
Jewel of Exellent is added only to Exellent item with at least 1 option, that is, it can not be added to ordinary ants;
Valid combination of Exellent (3 Options maximum) + Ancient;
All Ancient sets are only from the standard set of 3 seasons;
Guild Creation Level: 250;
Level to activate MU Helper: 1;
Help NPC Buffer: up to level 250;
Game teams: / addene / addagi / addstr / addvit / addcmd and others;
Reliable protection against almost all existing cheats, speedhacks and dupes;
Bonuses for voting for the server;
Unique, finely crafted spots in all locations;
The unique gaming Quest System consists of 235 interesting quests with various prizes;
Convenient game panel in the game;
High-quality assembly and protection from third-party software!
Server uptime: 24/7;
% Load reduction on the CPU;
7 new stones with useful properties;
Off-trade in-game trading system!
Ability to change Party Leader;
Reconnect system. Restoration of the party after the release or disconnection;
Unique Offline Leveling;
Premium system;
8 chests;
Unique system of domestic economy;
3D Camera;
Exchange of game hours for WCoins;
Sharpening Jewel of Soul - 60%;
Sharpening Jewel of Life - 60%;
Luck increases Jewel of Soul sharpening by 20%;
VIP increases sharpening by 7 - 15%;
New interesting locations;
New unique monsters and bosses.


Blood castle
Devil's square
Golden invasion
Skeleton invasion
White Mage Invasion
Chaos castle
Castle siege
Kantru (Maya & Nightmare Event)
Arena happy time
TvT Battle Event
Anubis invasion
Medusa invasion
Lucky event
Kundun invasion
Farea boss
Diablo invasion
Illusion temple event
Golden Archer Event
Double goer event
Custom ancient boss
Dier premium boss
Dinofols karutan boss

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