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ArcheAge game overview

Platforms: PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: December 18, 2014
Game class / Title: AAA
Game engine Custom
XL Games
Free to Play

Review of the game ArcheAge

Korea is one of the undisputed leaders in the online gaming industry, releasing dozens of projects a year. However, a real sandbox is extremely rare. So the excitement around ArcheAge, a Korean sandbox MMORPG game, is not at all surprising.

According to the project leader, the future of the MMORPG genre lies with those projects that offer a variety of activities and freedom (relative) of choice. Therefore, in Archeage, XLGames allows players to build houses, plant vegetable gardens and orchards, build ships, engage in piracy, and fight on foot and horseback. And also to destroy what others painstakingly created.


The first thing that catches your eye is the graphics, stunning in their beauty and detail, created using the advanced Cry Engine 3. The size of the world is no less impressive. It consists of three massive continents, each larger than the universes in many online games.

But there are still many islands with different areas: from tiny to gigantic. And the ocean itself is also a playground: you can swim on it, meet a raid boss (hello Kraken), run into pirates (other players who prefer anarchy and the path of outcasts) and arrange a full-fledged sea battle with boarding and shooting from cannons. Only to acquire both guns and a ship, as well as a house and a garden, you will have to work hard.


Crafting in Archeage is one of the main activities, complex, entertaining and time-consuming. Moreover, it is needed not only for the traditional manufacture of armour and weapons, potions to restore health or food for useful buffs, but also for the construction of ships, the construction of houses and castles, and the production of siege weapons and furniture.

Only developing the many types of crafting to the maximum will not work. It would help if you immediately decided which direction would bring your character the maximum benefit. And since any crafting depends on one or more others (heavy armour or swords require ore, for alchemists - plants from gardeners, for builders - logs from loggers, etc.), for greater efficiency, it is better to start friends with related professions immediately.

In general, cooperative work in ArcheAge is not just held in high esteem. It is practically necessary for survival and even more so for prosperity. Many of the game's most exciting aspects cannot even be seen without the cooperation of other players, including, for example, the siege of castles and the capture of territories.

Guild Confrontation

Speaking of PvP, this game aspect is at the heart of ArcheAge and is the backbone of high-level content. This is one of the few games where the confrontation between guilds and political games is not formal but paramount.

Initially, all players are divided into two factions, each containing two races: Nubians and elves on the western continent and Harnians and cat-like ferries on the eastern one. Two fractions have been howling for hundreds of years, so representatives of the opposite faction can be killed anytime and anywhere (except for peaceful starting locations), receiving honour points for this, which can be used to buy valuable items.

Despite the RvR focus of the game, the principle of free-PvP also operates in it simultaneously- a rare combination for an MMORPG. Karma points are awarded for killing a player of your faction (as well as for stealing). For example, suppose there are 50 of them after death in PvP or PvE. In that case, the player appears before a jury recruited from random players. It is decided whether he will be released without punishment or have to serve (literally) in prison.

And if the romance of the pirate life seduces you, you need to collect 3000 Karma points by killing players from your continent and doing robberies. True, the price for this will be the attitude of non-player characters: representatives of both factions will try to kill you. But now, you will have a separate island at your disposal, inaccessible to all other inhabitants of the planet.

Capturing territories

A special place in the PvP system is occupied by wars between guilds, for which a whole continent has been allocated. Players can capture territories, establish their own rules, and build fortresses and castles.

On this continent, there are deposits of valuable ore from which the best equipment is made, as well as wells of mineral water necessary for watering akhium trees (the fruits of which akhium are required when crafting almost anything). So, as you can see, there is enough motivation for PvP here.

Class system

Another essential characteristic of the game is the class system, or rather the lack of it. There are no predefined classes but nine development branches from which any player can learn any three.

So you can get a hybrid that has, for example, the skills of an archer and a mage-controller or a tank with debuffs. There are 120 possible combinations. Besides, you can reset the branches and make new ones if you wish. Pumping the hero to the maximum level can be done by grinding and completing a series of quests.

The game was released in russia (the terrorist state) by and distributed through the Freemium system - a free game with restrictions, to remove which you need to purchase a premium subscription.

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