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DC Universe Online game overview

DC Universe Online
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Superhero
Release date: January 30, 2011
Game class / Title: A
Game engine Unreal Engine 3
Daybreak Game Company
Free to Play

At present, justice in its purest form is becoming rarer, so if it could be bought, the cost would border on precious metals. There is such a publishing house as DC Comics, which created a whole universe that combines all the characters that came out from under the pen of these authors.

However, the modern consumer hears only the Marvel publishing house, which is superior to its competitor. This is due to the abundance of various films, at the beginning of which we are used to seeing the coveted name Marvel. DC, in turn, could only boast of a lineup of films about Batman, but this seemed too little. But that was until recently when DC released their DC Universe Online project.

Even though the project has an MMO prefix, it isn't easy to compare it with any bright representative of this genre because of its unique gameplay. As a result, the user is much more involved in the confrontation, and the action here is to the eyeballs.

Combat system

The main difference between DC Universe Online and its competitors is that here you do not just use your skills and wait for their rollback but participate in the battle - with the LMB, you attack, the RMB is responsible for the shots, and with the help of shift, you can block the enemy attack. Using these three buttons allowed the developers to produce a very juicy combat system, even with the possibility of combos.

In addition, the authors adopted the experience of Guild Wars. They decided to make a limited number of active abilities on the panel, but you have to choose which ones you will use from a wide variety. The system is exciting when two identical classes enter into a confrontation, and in the battle, it turns out that they use entirely different abilities.


In addition to the abundance of abilities, each character has two roles. For example, a character who controls the forces of nature can heal allies or use his powers to suffocate opponents with vines. Each role involves quite a lot of opportunities for the implementation and highlighting of your character. The purpose of these features is the idea of ​​the developers to make the game accessible to players who prefer to play solo.


DC Comics has existed for more than 70 years. During this time, many charismatic heroes have been invented, with the fates of which MMOTOP.ORG users are offered to get acquainted. This makes the universe incredibly saturated. It all starts when choosing your character. We will need to select our mentors, including such eminent ones as Batman, Superman, and the Joker. Brainiac was selected as the main villain - an alien collector of cities and inhabitants who uses a reducing tool for his dark deeds.

In the game, we have two cities (Gotham and Metropolis) chicly recreated in the best traditions of comics. Gloomy skyscrapers are propping up the midnight sky, in the clouds of which you can sometimes see the same Bat signal. Atmospheric gives musical accompaniment and chic voice acting of the characters.


Naturally, not without excellent gameplay chips. In solo instances, such celebrities as Bane and Mister Freeze can become our opponents. In one of the instances, we generally have to defeat two Flashes at once (classic and alternative). One of the beautiful PvP modes we can play as characters, such as Batman and the Joker, is worth mentioning. However, our enemies will also be able to take control of one of the famous heroes. Everything looks excellent.


At the moment, the project lacks a bit of polish and smoothness. However, it is already a worthy and juicy product. The developers do not abandon their work and are constantly working on it, which means that with each patch, the game will improve and undoubtedly stay at the top for a long time.

Game information last update: 09.03.2024

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