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Lineage 2 Essence Guide - Daily Activities

Like many MMORPGs, Lineage 2 Essence has daily activities that bring a good reward. In this guide, from a user who wishes to remain anonymous, you will learn more about them.

The main thing

The game has a system of tasks and activities that will not let you get bored and by completing them you will receive pleasant bonuses in the form of scrolls to increase character characteristics, experience scrolls, task points, etc. To do this, if possible, you need to enter the game daily and complete tasks to receive resources and quest points, thanks to which you will receive additional resources and special items. In a special “quests” window, carefully study the daily, weekly and one-time tasks and monitor their implementation. Playing on the weekend is one of the tasks that is completed simply for logging into the game on Saturday or Sunday. Achievement Box This useful activity brings resources for hunting monsters and online in the game, rare and special items (items of a diligent hero) can randomly drop out, they give significant bonuses to the character’s characteristics and help you level up. After opening the box, after some time, you can receive a reward or pick it up immediately for Coin L.

Main tasks

With an increase in the level of the character, the number of tasks increases, there are quite a lot of them, let’s go through the main ones:

  • Capture an incredible time zone (daily 10 minutes).

The main task for pumping the level, and replenishing the special scale

creations (random creation of resources of things from D to A grade).

  • Daily hunt (level 76 and above). This task will take much more time, but as you level up and get better equipment, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly it is completed. Every day you must kill 1500 of any monsters. Monsters below the character by more than 15 levels do not count.
  • Interserver hunting zones (daily, weekly). Starting at level 60, you can complete tasks while hunting with players from other servers. Somewhere it is better to gather a group if you do not have enough strength, and together complete the task much faster.

Visiting which temporary (and not only) hunting zones would be useful to include in your schedule

Game activities and rewards that will be available with increasing levels:

  • Tasks – kill 100, 200, etc. mobs, visit and kill mobs in special hunting zones, participation in the Olympiad – a lot of rewards and replenishment of the Task Level scale – the reward changes every month, the final reward is an item that goes to the boost box
  • Normal Creation is a mechanic that allows you to create one of five random items. Often there are expensive clothes and downs. Can be sold or complete the Collection
  • Collection – when adding items to the collection and closing the lists, the character receives permanent buffs and useful effects
  • Incredible Time Zone (level 40+) – available once a day. 10 minutes of killing mobs, an attacking skill becomes massive, mini bosses with an additional reward in the form of consumables appear at a chance, a lot of chests with replenishment of the normal creation bar, a quest with a reward in the form of Patronage Cookies
  • Olympiad (level 40+, second profession) – 3 vs 3 fights on weekdays from 21:30 to 22:00. Daily reward for victories – scrolls of experience and a special HP potion. Reward for the quest for 50 battles per month – a box with a random reward from the list
  • Battle with Keber (level 54+) – every day at the beginning of every hour in the locations of the Plains of Glory, the Plains of Fury and the Valley of Silence, mobs appear in a certain place (a huge crystal), after 10 minutes – a boss. Chance to get Talisman of Aden Sealed. A lot of experience at the initial levels of the character
  • Orc Fortress (level 60+) – daily at 20:00. Tasks are best done in a party. Quest Reward – Red Light Sealed, Experience Boost Scroll Sealed, Ancient Adena
  • Battle with Vallock (level 60+) – Monday to Saturday at 20:30. It’s best to do it in a group. Quest reward – Ancient Adena
  • Tower of Elmoreden (level 60+) – inter-server hunting zone, available one hour a day. The level of mobs is distributed by floors. Quest reward – Ancient Adena
  • Clearing is a reward for killing mobs in certain hunting zones. There is a special Hot Time, at which the speed of filling the clearing scale increases. The duration is a week. On Sunday the counter resets, don’t miss the time to get the keys and the reward
  • Dethuns’ Orders is a chain of quests that can be obtained from scrolls obtained from certain mobs in locations – Lizard Valley, Dragon Valley, Tower of Insolence. Reward depends on the level of the quest
  • Forgotten Primeval Garden (level 76+) – cross-server hunting zone. 420 minutes per week. Three quests to kill mobs with the title, the reward for which is the Talisman of Speed ​​Sealed
  • Training Dungeon (level 76+) – once a day. Time zone per hour. The boss appears 10 minutes before the end. Boss kill quest reward – Ancient Adena
  • Primeval Island (level 76+) is a special PvE zone, available every day for 120 minutes. Drop Potion of Protection Sealed. Replenishment of the Quest and more potions as a reward
  • Dream Dungeon (level 76+) is an instanced zone available once a week. From 2 people in a group. If you do not have a boost, you can ask someone in the party to close the Task

Include in your schedule the capture of an incredible time zone, daily monster hunting, weekly tasks and tasks in the cross-server zone (Elmoreden Tower, Forgotten Primal Garden, etc.). Understanding will come during the game, act, find solutions and let luck be on your side, the more tasks you complete, the stronger you become.

What is important to do on a regular basis in Lineage 2 Essence

Character characteristics

It is important to keep track of learning skills, changing character characteristics, resource consumption (mana, spirit ore, soul charges, etc.), prices on the server and the world market, and you will always know what and where it is profitable to buy for Adena or Coin L. Regularly perform tasks, participate in promotions and enter the game. Use the game assistant to add special properties to items, buy and exchange resources, weapons, armor and other necessary things.

Magic lamp

The magic lamp is replenished while hunting monsters (max x300), with its help it is much faster and more interesting to level up your hero. Feel free to click to start the game and use all the accumulated lamps. Use an improved magic lamp at level 76+ after changing the 3rd profession.

For an improved magic lamp, you will need saiha’s blessing potions (get for activity in the game, in the game exchanger, or buy in the clan store).


The monster clearing system is also an important activity, every day get the bonuses of the monster clearing start task and the clearing reward.


A lot of useful goods are purchased in the clan store with glory coins, which you get in exchange for contributions for L-coins. The number of goods available for purchase depends on the clan level.

Be active in the clan with daily contributions and get additional bonuses.

Store L

In Store L, look out for special items.


Another interesting activity is farming RB, by choosing an enemy by level, you can move to any of them. 1 teleport per day for free.


You can also find all the answers to questions you are interested in on the forum or in the Library of the Sages section. It is especially important to figure out exactly what your character needs to increase protection and deal maximum damage, so buying only the right items you will get the most out of the game.