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13 Race - a game based on the plot of the famous movie "Avatar", which is based on a pious struggle between alien natives with a technologically advanced race. Despite the fact that the excitement around the sensational film adaptation has subsided, some people still come up with ideas to use the theme of the attack of the inhabitants of our planet on a foreign land with its cute inhabitants. Well, the developers perfectly captured the essence, but they didn’t use all the images and ideas, though they copied a couple of blue-skinned Indians.

So, the storyline of the game 13 Race tells that in the year two thousand one hundred and fourteen, earthlings discover a race of humanoids living on a planet on the outskirts of the galaxy. And nothing would have happened if a couple of generals had not opposed the formation of friendly relations with the locals. So a rebellion broke out, swallowing up most of the humanoids in its hell. But half a year has not passed, as the local Indians, smashed to smithereens, but not broken, dug up somewhere the mysterious technologies of their ancestors, using which they managed to repulse the earthlings. As a result, the development of a protracted and bloody war in which players will have to participate.

You will start the gameplay by choosing the side for which you will fight. If your choice stops on the natives, then the necessary task will be to save the planet from stupid people with weapons. But if you play as earthlings, you will have a great opportunity to feel like an American in the Wild West, crush trees, burn, trample and enjoy a breathtaking spectacle.

As for the combat system, it is presented in the form of a "Fight Club". Players attack the natives, and vice versa, for some reason the locals are less lucky than earthlings. PvP develops in a similar vein. In short, everything is clear and familiar, there is nothing new, but the popular plot keeps the 13th Race afloat.

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