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16 Bit Arena
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16 Bit Arena is one of the many sub-par pixelated knockoffs, with the buzzword "retro" prefixed on it. The project is a couple of epileptic backdrops, jerky animation, the beginnings of control and a dull turn-based combat system.

The game takes place in a nine-by-nine arena that evokes memories of the Roman Colosseum with its appearance. There are no other locations in the project. Also, in addition to the turn-based fight with the name "PvP", there are a couple of levels of side-scrollers in which your character will move along bridges and flying platforms, which do not look very...

In 16 Bit Arena, a semblance of a card strategy is available in which players have to fight without a visible and invisible goal, or, more simply, just like that. With the main meaning of the mode, the developers overdid it and as a result, you need to aimlessly wait for the remaining seventeen players to come, and many of them, which is typical for turn-based games, are not in a hurry to go.

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