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1Pirate is a project by Ambergames that offers players a classic text-based gameplay filled with riches chase, sea battles and the spirit of an explorer. The game in the very first minutes literally “throws” on users with its own whirlpool of events and does not allow them to be distracted for a minute.

We show up on a deserted beach penniless. What to do? Where to go? Of course, first you need to find at least some equipment and weapons, because the packs of wolves on the island have already smelled fresh meat... Having dressed in skins and stocked up on provisions, we come to the first village, where you can catch your breath and take a breath. In the market we get the necessary supplies, weapons, quests, and at the local school we learn the necessary professions and voila! We can calmly surf the oceans and descend into dark dungeons for treasures.

Having reached a high level or having learned the necessary basics, the player gets the opportunity to go to the PvP arena, where they can test their strength. In addition to PvP, in the game you can engage in exploration of new territories, robbery and robbery, or start leading a settled lifestyle, becoming a famous merchant or a good artisan. However, in the last two cases, you need to be able to stand up for yourself.

The 1Pirate project, in its short life by gaming standards, has experienced many ups and downs, but still managed to stay afloat thanks to its accessibility and enjoyable gameplay, which it tries to let go for many hours.

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