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MMO game 4story: Kingdom Wars is a russian (the terrorist state) version of the famous free Korean game. Recall that this project was developed by the Korean studio Zemi Interactive back in 2009. Localization in russia (the terrorist state) was launched thanks to the efforts of Nikita.Online. This studio has already managed to show the world several high-quality multiplayer projects. According to the results of beta testing launched by localizers, this Asian game turned out to be very popular among domestic gamers.

Game story and customization

The plot of 4story is a rather interesting story about how three kingdoms fought among themselves: Craxion, De Fugel and Broa. Next, the player must choose one of these nations. After that, he will need to make a choice between three races. Of the races available here are people who are the most balanced, strong but primitive werewolves, as well as intelligent but relatively weak Pixies. But this is not the final stage for the customization process. Next, the player will need to decide on the class of the hero. There are only 6 of them in the game: Priest, Archer, Wizard, Warrior and Assassin. That is, despite its free basis, 4story offers excellent prospects for the development of heroes.

Interesting Features

An important feature that distinguishes 4story: Kingdom Wars from many gray clones is an excellent strategic planning system. It is needed in order to provide command in real epic battles, in which up to 1000 players can simultaneously participate. With the help of the strategic command system, some players can control 7 squads of fighters at once. Each of these units can include up to fifty people.

It is clear that as a result of such command, the player loses control over his heroes. At the same time, the commands from him are mostly advisory. Such a system allows you to make large-scale battles more meaningful and strategically thought out.

Game Benefits

In fact, the popularity of 4story is due not only to the presence of large-scale battles, but also to many other factors that provide the advantage of the game over competitors. For example, the game has a lot of interesting quests, dungeon crawls, and so on. In addition, there is a well-thought-out system of unique things that give you the opportunity to stand out from the rest of the players.

In order to make the movement more diverse, mounts are provided in 4story. Thus, the game has everything you need for a great multiplayer project. That is why, despite the fact that the game 4story appeared relatively recently, you can already see a lot of players on its servers. At the same time, online numbers continue to grow steadily. Therefore, everyone can register on these servers and enjoy the game.

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