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The game 8th Day can rightfully be considered the first domestic online game made in a post-apocalyptic style. You can read more about it on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The plot of the game tells about the world, which has experienced several large-scale disasters. As a result of this, it has turned into a scorched desert land, on which there are territories with biological, chemical and radiation contamination. The earth was filled with all kinds of monsters and mutants, destroying the remnants of a once developed civilization.


All the surviving inhabitants of the planet were divided into three opposing clans. People are ordinary residents who want to return the values ​​that hurt before the man-made disasters. Psionicists are the descendants of indigo children, distinguished by resistance to radiation and high intelligence. The third clan was cyborgs who settled in underground bunkers. They managed to replace many of their organs with artificial implants.

game weapons

In 8th Day there are many types of high-tech weapons of the future, the possession of which is necessary for survival in the new world. Each clan has its own weapon skills. For example, people know how to perfectly use edged weapons, psionics actively use telepathy, and cyborgs use unusual nozzles, which are controlled by mechanical parts of the body. The game 8th Day offers 3 classes of heroes, among which there is an infantryman, a medic and a shooter. For those who like to play on the passage, almost fifty missions are provided. For those who want to find out the relationship with the opposing clan, we can recommend arenas for battles in PvP mode.

Development and prospects

The uniqueness of the 8th Day project is that there are no limits for the players here. For example, you can remain a decent inhabitant of the planet and clear nearby settlements of monsters, or you can choose the path of a robber and a robber, who will definitely start hunting. Despite the fact that the project has already celebrated its 4th anniversary, it continues to develop and improve. Developers complement the game with new locations, weapons and armor. In addition, clan content is constantly expanding. All this is very pleasing to true fans of post-apocalyptic games.

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