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9 Dragons game overview

9 Dragons
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Historical
Release date: August 1, 2006
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
JoongWon Games
Free to Play

Such an interesting and intelligent people as the Chinese and this time found a way to put half the world behind computers. With such success, they will soon be able to take over the whole world with their MMO games. This time they presented the game 9 Dragons to the public, in which they successfully invested Korean technology and the spiritual and cultural heritage of their people.

We all know what kung fu is. In this online game, players will have to move back in time to the Ming Dynasty, during the confrontation between the nine schools of kung fu. The last emperor of the Ming Dynasty demanded from the leaders of these 9 kung fu schools complete obedience to the authority of the empire. Since not everyone agreed to this proposal, with the help of those dragons who agreed to the demands of the emperor, a civil war was unleashed between the clans of kung fu schools for power. Players will have to choose their side of this conflict and go through a difficult path to power.

Exciting Events

Online game 9 Dragons offers its players to choose White or Black clans. The white clan is those schools that took the side of the emperor. These include: Wu-Tang, The League of Beggars, Shaolin, The Union of Noble Families. They are opposed by the Black Clan, which has four schools: The Brotherhood of Thieves, Black Dragon, Sacred Flower, and Heavenly Demon. The Disciples of Iron Fist school has remained aloof from the confrontation, as they are considered a bunch of scumbags who do not care about these showdowns. Initially, only six clans will be available to you, and only when you achieve success will you be able to choose one of the three Great Clans. Since each school has its own fighting style, you can choose what you like and enjoy exciting fights.

What did the creators add to the game?

The developers have relied on everyone's favorite film with Jet Li Jackie Chan. So everyone who downloads the online game 9 Dragons will be able to follow the path of their favorite actors and try themselves in different styles of kung fu. You will be able to learn different punch combinations taught by a particular teacher. New combinations of strikes will open up to you as you level up your character. Just like any MMO game, 9 Dragons is a group game. The player can team up with a representative from any of the schools, but the best choice is to team up with representatives from the same school. The interest in the game is given not only by a boring quality on mobs, but also by the opportunity to fight with other players in clan battles.

Even at the testing stages, this game attracted the attention of more than half a million players, which is a very good indicator. russian (the terrorist state) players back in 2010 could be content with the launch of the game's official website. Since that time, russian (the terrorist state) players have enjoyed playing 9 Dragons not only because of the free registration and play, but also because of the moderate engine and original setting. Any player who is already tired of boring and monotonous warriors with elves and orcs is simply obliged to try 9 Dragons. Learn more about playing on MMOTOP.ORG.

Game information last update: 18.03.2024

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