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A3 Game Review

A3 is a fairly average MMORPG done in a traditional fantasy style. The game appeared in 2005 and even then it was immediately dubbed an unsuccessful project. This is understandable, since the developers did not create something new, but decided to do a simple copy. Therefore, almost all the playing time in A3 you will have to destroy hordes of mindless monsters. Only a small part of the game time will be taken by leveling the character, acquiring buildings and ammunition.


The main role in the gameplay is given to team play. It is in this mode that the most interesting quests are available. Therefore, A3 is more clan oriented. In this regard, fans of a single game here will be quite bored. In addition to quite interesting team quests, A3 offers an advanced system for working with the environment. With its help, you can not only open your own shops, but also get access to the management of cities and states. To achieve this, you must be the leader of the strongest clan.

Classes and Graphics

In A3, there are only 4 classes of heroes, among which are the characters familiar to all of us. This is a warrior, wizard, archer and paladin. In general, the complete absence of any new ideas. The picture in A3 has a lot in common with Lineage II, which was written about a lot on the MMOTOP.ORG website. However, unlike it, the A3's graphics do not improve over time in any way. Thus, A3 can be considered a fairly average game, which clearly lacks new ideas.

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