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Absolute Terror is a free to play MMORPG in the browser, made in anime style. Perhaps some anime fans know the game "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and they will be happy to play something similar with already familiar characters. The plot tells about the events unfolding on Earth after an asteroid crashed on it. And since the space object landed in the region of the southern polar cap, the flooding of the land by the ocean began. But the trouble is the beginning, on the heads of those who embroidered, in addition to the threat of flooding, aliens, calling themselves Angels, fell upon them. People from the NERV organization went to fight the latter, in addition, mysterious agents from SEELE can sometimes interfere in the course of events.

It is in this confrontation between the three factions that the dynamics of Absolute Terror lies. The struggle in the project is implemented tactically, although it cannot be fully attributed to the text, but you will not see the action in it. The game resembles a more simplified version of Rome: Total War without the battles. Before the gamer, most of the time there will be a map of hexagons, each of which indicates the territory captured by one side or another. Also, the detailing of the map is very modest, you will not see mountains, lakes, or rivers, however, like many other things. If the imagination wants to run wild, then the only place will be inscriptions in hexagons: the outskirts, coasts, water, countryside and perimeter.

All of the above is conveniently located on the left side of the screen, and information about the player's armies located in the selected zone and their infrastructure are located on the right. As for the choice of units and structures, their number is estimated to be satisfactory, since Absolute Terror is based on anime, then expect interesting characteristics and names, but there will be practically no models. As an exception, only figures of generals with alien or human appearance, which must be deliberately moved around the map according to the goals you are trying to achieve.

But the goals in the game are more than enough. You can participate in events that give bonuses, fight against opponents and capture their territories, or maybe you would be interested in reading the history of the game and descriptions of objects to form a holistic image with subsequent introduction to the world of anime? Therefore, despite the stingy graphics and battles designed in texts and graphics, they look insignificant compared to the merits of the project.

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