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Advanced - a browser-based turn-based project from TIS-Games about the Second World War. The game directly throws us into the confrontation between the two sides: the Red Army and the Wehrmacht, offering a choice between these factions, in order to then win the war of one of them. Battles in the game take place in various territories in the amount of 150 pieces, among other things, each side has capitals: for the Red Army, this is Gorky, and for the German side, Nuremberg.

The gameplay is clearly divided into two sides: peaceful and combat. In the first, users travel between locations and perform various tasks, receiving in return the necessary equipment. This lesson is the main one in the game, because victory or defeat depends on it. The combat side of the gameplay displays a map divided into hexagonal fields where players make simultaneous moves, after which the server displays the results. The winner is rewarded with experience that can be shared among all players.

The gaming community of the project is mostly friendly middle-aged people who are always ready to help newbies. Therefore, even despite the difficult gameplay, which you can understand for hours, it will still be interesting to play it.

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