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Review of the game Aerrevan

Today, every manufacturer of computer games is trying to create the most interesting and popular MMORPG. For this purpose, developers are trying to use more and more interesting methods. It’s just stupid to follow popular trends anymore, since such projects do not cause much enthusiasm among gamers. Therefore, this approach is used only in the case of small projects that simply have nowhere to fall even with a relative failure. One of the original games with fresh ideas is the Canadian indie project Aerrevan, created by CubeForce Media. This game has become a real discovery thanks to a large number of new and interesting thoughts. However, this approach requires sacrifice, which in this case is graphics.

Game world

In appearance, Aerrevan is very similar to the good old games from the days of tube monitors and mice with balls. True, otherwise the developers would not have been able to achieve their plans. And the authors of the project really thought up quite a lot of interesting things. In particular, it offers a huge seamless world in which you can visit any dungeon, location or building. At the same time, in them you will practically not find any static details.

The developers plan to implement a classless system for leveling heroes, which allows you to create almost any character with any set of skills. However, the most interesting is the progressive system of communication with NPCs, which are quite easy to recognize speech and quite clearly answer questions. Therefore, any conversation with a local resident will be completely unique without any pre-conceived answers and questions.

Project Features

The game world of the project is inhabited by three powerful races - humans, orcs and elves. In Aerrevan, players can unite into clans, arranging battles for the right to own entire territories. An important feature of the project is the magical ability Aer, which allows living beings to undergo mutations. With these mutations, your hero can become stronger and more agile over time. However, he may be concerned about the side effects of radiation exposure.


In general, the Aerrevan project, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, is very original and interesting. If some modern engine had been taken to create it, then the game could safely claim to be a hit. And so very weak graphics somewhat spoil the impression of the game, scaring off many potential fans. Therefore, for now, the project is on the last ranks of the mainstream and is not going to leave from there.

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