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Review of the game Age of Conan: Unchained

Many projects die already at the stage of entering the game world. Various reviews, blogs, and publishers await the developers' promises to pour mud on them immediately. Surprisingly, some pretty good projects are often buried with frankly worthless works.

This almost happened with Age of Conan, as during development, the authors indicated that the game positions itself as "next-gen." This immediately attracted crowds of fanatical critics who were ready to question the developers' promises. Luckily, the project managed to get to the release almost without getting their feet wet, what MMOTOP.ORG users can see for themselves.

Of course, it cannot be called revolutionary, and globally it is still the same MMORPG, but indirect and local changes in the game are enough to surprise the average gamer.

Quests and pumping

What can be said about quests? There are also classic, rather dull "Kill and bring." Nevertheless, the vast majority of the game is an exciting mission that demonstrates the efforts of the developers. A special mention deserves a quest where you must overcome a room studded with deadly traps. And the word "deadly" is not just for persuasiveness.

Combat system

The combat system in the game is damn commendable. Ultimately, calling it "revolutionary" does not turn the tongue, but most elements will be new. This is no longer the standard exchange of blows and magic bolts.

social system

There are clan wars in the game. However, this can hardly surprise anyone. Now we have the opportunity to build cities. All buildings, of course, have their level of development. And this means that over time, your city can be turned into a natural fortress, which they will undoubtedly try to take away from you by force, and you, together with your associates, will have to repulse the militant group.


The crafting system is no less attractive. To create a worthwhile and extraordinary thing, one craft will not be enough for you, which pushes us to cooperate with other players, making the gameplay more diverse. A similar system is implemented in dungeons, which cannot be passed without cooperation.

Graphic arts

Age of Conan is loyal to its customers and plays AOC. You do not need to have a state-of-the-art computer. But, it is worth noting that it makes no sense to put it on office older men either. Maps sometimes resemble a chain of corridors, but at the same time, they give out a stunning pictures with wonderfully detailed landscapes. So it will be a pleasant surprise that almost everything you see on the horizon exists, and you can get there on foot or horseback.


It is impossible, even a little, but still, let a word about the sound. Another great work from Morten Sorley, known to us from the Anarchy online project. Folk accompaniment fits perfectly into this setting and gives the game even more atmosphere.


However, having done such work, the developers simply physically could not bring the project to perfection. The project came out damp, and the abundance of bugs was visible to the naked eye. This scared away a good half of the subscribers. For quite a long time, Funcom polished the game and brought it to a reasonably high level. Unfortunately, the years take their toll, and developers are increasingly switching to other projects.

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