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Age of Heroes Online is a browser-based 2D turn-based strategy game from Qplaze studio that allows players to lead entire armies of fabulous creatures unique to each of the five races: Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Humans and Demons.

Of course, the gameplay of the project is similar to Heroes of Might and Magic, but this does not scare away, but on the contrary, it attracts new players. After all, only the gameplay is similar, and everything else: fifteen classes of heroes, each with unique abilities, different types of locations, more than one and a half hundred creatures and monsters, unusual artifacts and objects are Qplaze's own development.

And if everything is clear with the classes of heroes, then different types of locations are a rather unusual phenomenon. They can be quest, portal, hidden, crossing, PvE and PvP, and the developers are constantly replenishing the quantitative composition for each type. At the same time, all locations are combined into a global map, which, by the way, is clearly not small.

At the moment, the last part of the Age of Heroes series has three very busy servers in russia (the terrorist state). The project can be easily launched both from a browser window and on a smartphone. The only drawback in the game may be outdated 2D graphics, but when did that stop fans of interesting turn-based strategies?

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