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Age of Heroes Online game overview

Age of Heroes Online
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: October 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

Age of Heroes Online is a captivating browser-based 2D turn-based strategy game developed by Qplaze studio. This immersive game allows players to command entire armies of mythical creatures unique to five distinctive races: Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Humans, and Demons. Released in 2014, the game has been attracting strategy enthusiasts with its unique blend of classic and innovative elements.

While the gameplay may remind some of Heroes of Might and Magic, Age of Heroes Online stands out with its unique features and developments. With fifteen classes of heroes, each boasting unique abilities, and a variety of locations, the game offers an extensive and engaging experience. Players can explore over 150 different creatures and monsters, and collect unusual artifacts and items that enrich the gameplay.

The game features a diverse array of locations, including quest, portal, hidden, crossing, PvE, and PvP types, with new additions being constantly introduced by the developers. These locations are interconnected on a vast global map, providing a comprehensive and expansive world for players to conquer. The game is supported on both browser windows and smartphones, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience.

Developed over two years, Age of Heroes Online was designed with a target market of strategy game enthusiasts looking for a blend of nostalgia and new challenges. The game has a substantial player base, with approximately 50,000 active players daily and around 1.5 million players annually. Over its lifetime, it has accumulated a dedicated fan base of over 5 million players globally.

Despite its slightly outdated 2D graphics, the game’s intricate mechanics and strategic depth keep players engaged. Currently, the latest installment of the Age of Heroes series maintains three very active servers in Russia. The game's unique charm and complexity continue to attract new players, making it a notable title in the strategy genre.

Review from MMOTOP.ORG

Age of Heroes Online presents a nostalgic journey for fans of turn-based strategy games while adding its own unique twists. The diversity of races and hero classes, coupled with a wide variety of creatures and artifacts, provides a rich and engaging experience. The expansive global map and different types of locations offer endless exploration opportunities.

However, the game's 2D graphics may feel dated to some players, potentially detracting from the overall experience. Additionally, the game’s reliance on browser and mobile platforms might limit its appeal to gamers used to high-end graphics and console gameplay. Despite these drawbacks, Age of Heroes Online remains a solid choice for strategy enthusiasts.

Overall, we give Age of Heroes Online a score of 60 out of 100. While it may not be a leader in the MMO genre, its depth, complexity, and dedicated player base make it a worthwhile game for those who appreciate turn-based strategy.


What platforms is Age of Heroes Online available on?

Age of Heroes Online is available on both browser windows and smartphones.

When was Age of Heroes Online released?

The game was released in 2014.

How many active players does Age of Heroes Online have?

The game has approximately 50,000 active players daily and around 1.5 million players annually.

Who developed Age of Heroes Online?

Age of Heroes Online was developed by Qplaze studio.

Game information last update: 04.04.2024

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