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Age of Heroes
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Taiwanese developers Userjoy Technology present to your attention a game called Age of Heroes, developed on the Unreal Engine 3 platform. The toy shows you all the delights of the non-target system, including the ability to dodge enemy attacks. Players can also choose different elements that affect the mechanics of how skills work and which will help in combat with various monsters. Play, gain experience and then demonstrate your abilities in battle!

You are not alone

The main distinguishing feature of Age of Heroes is that you have the ability to switch between three characters and use the different skills of each of them. This system should not be confused with the Grenado Espada, where three Persians are controlled at once. In Age of Heroes, you control only one hero at a time, and you can have three of them in total. After switching between them, you will have to wait for some time before you can do it again.

At first, you will be offered a certain number of characters to choose from, and then, as you explore the game world, you will get to know new heroes and recruit them if you see fit. The game is in the CBT stage. We at MMOTOP.ORG are waiting for new information about the game and we hope that it will be released soon. Are you with us?

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