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AI War is a browser-based MMORPG in a fantasy setting, in which the action takes place on the planet Midor, far from our solar system. Here for many generations people have been fighting with the rebellious machines and with each other.

Territories in AI War consist of sectors where various quest objects, military posts and mines are located. The gameplay is mainly aimed at leveling the character in battles, which is an ordinary increase in basic skills: strength, accuracy, dexterity, etc. But since the class system still allows some liberties, the progress of the character is sometimes worth watching very carefully, because a few wrong moves can lead to its unplayability.

Battles in AI War are fully automated and leave the player with only one opportunity to view statistics after the battle. For this reason, it is difficult to talk about the right hands, strategy or even tactics, because the outcome of any fight will always depend on equipment and level. In general, the standard situation for a large number of browsers.

It is strange, of course, that this project comes from German developers, because the game turned out to be honestly not very good. Graphics consisting of several static images, an interface with a huge number of unnecessary buttons, fully automatic battles and an emphasis on constant pumping are unlikely to help attract many fans for it.

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