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Aika Online
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Review of the game Aika Online

Year after year, the gaming industry market is becoming more saturated. Along with such a genre as RPG, various shooters, races, and simulators are presented to our attention, and all this is online. The Joyimpact product looks cute and discreet but in a traditional spirit. For example, Aika online came out in 2009 and snatched two honorary awards in its first year of existence: "Best Screenplay" and "Best Game Design."


The first feature that immediately catches the eye is the faction choice, which, unlike other games, occurs only at level 10 and after completing a particular task.

There are five factions in the game: Therion, Flamma, Kent, Akris, and Imber. Each section has its leader, chosen from among real players, and is called the Marshal. The Marshal has the right to conclude alliances between races, referred to in the game as legions.

Combat system

The battles in the game are genuinely significant and there. The number of players on each side sometimes reaches several thousand. Also, in the game, there are particular areas called battlefields. Players can demonstrate their skills and ability to act and try out various battle tactics on the battlefield. In general, the game provides a broad scope for PVP lovers and will not leave indifferent all fans of hardcore gameplay, which is so familiar to almost every user.

Peaceful professions

In addition to the furious action, the game has a developed trade and craft system. Various political intrigues will also become possible. The standard set of non-combat activities is remarkably implemented in the project.


The critical feature that distinguishes Aika online from its competitors is Prana. Prana is the personal companion of every player in the world of Aika, a little fairy who resembles a little girl at the beginning of your journey. However, over time, the fairy turns into an adult-fighting friend. Interestingly, the development of Prana depends on the actions of the character and, more precisely, on the answers to the questions that she asks, which forms the future surface of our companion.

Each Prania commands one of the elements: water, air, and fire, on which the set of skills that our friend will possess depends. Some abilities will restore our vitality, while others will increase our defense, and there are also combat ones, with the help of which will cause severe damage.


In addition to races, there are six more classes in Aika online: priest, warrior, pistoleer, paladin, sorcerer, and archer. It is worth mentioning that the features of the classes will be significantly changed depending on the character's race, which gives a broad scope for customizing our hero.


Summing up all the pros and cons of Aika online, we can say that this is the choice of players who love large-scale battles, want to always be in the center of game events, but would not like to spend a lot of time pumping their character. All this is seasoned with a beautiful sauce of humor that accompanies us at almost every stage—an excellent way to take a break from everyday reality and plunge into the magical world of adventure.

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