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AIMA game review

Aima is another fantasy MMORPG from Korean publishers known to us from the Elsword and Grand Chase projects. In general, the game is similar to its predecessors, however, it is focused on a more adult target audience and is made in more conservative colors.

At the moment, four classes are presented to our attention: Swordman, Magician, Beast Warroir and Archer, which have a unique set of skills. And that's not all, each of the classes can transform into its improved form with enhanced characteristics called the Guardian.

A distinctive feature can only be called an indescribable riot of action and colors on the screen, but otherwise it is a standard hack'n'slash with heroes whose weapons, due to their Asian endurance, reach unimaginable sizes. The project is seasoned with an abundance of various techniques of all possible styles. AIMA is a good choice for fans of Asian projects who prefer entertainment and reject all the laws of physics.

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