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Alfheim Tales Online
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Overview of the game Alfheim Tales Online

Alfheim Tales Online is an anime fantasy MMORPG from a Hong Kong studio called Ray Media, with nice 3D graphics that run right from the browser window. The project is more like someone's childhood fantasy and therefore has a serious contrast with other MMOs, allowing players to fight with raging cute pebbles, fly agaric and blades of grass on honeydew banks and water meadows.

The classes in the game do not shine with variety, these are the classic Assassin (Assassin), Knight (Warrior), Monk (Healer) and Mage. Such a composition is usually suitable for all local dungeons - places where at least somewhere you sometimes need to think and make decisions. Otherwise, Alfheim Tales Online is almost completely automated, including the collection of quests and the order in which abilities and items are used. In addition to dungeons, players will be able to please a large set of territories in which there are a variety of biomes: from the mouth of a volcano to an ordinary forest or clearing.

In general, such an MMORPG presentation will only appeal to elementary school students or gifted gamers from kindergarten, because in fact, the game is played almost independently, leaving users only with the general specifics of completing tasks.

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