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Algalon game review

Apparently, the Quest Online company has not yet realized that the world of Azeroth has had enough time to annoy gamers. However, despite this, the Algalon project was created, which can be considered a full-fledged clone of the famous WoW. At the same time, many details were taken from the leading game in the MMORPG genre, for example, skill icons. You can learn more about this project on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

World of Algalon

Algalon is a fairly typical world, over 6,000 years old. All this time, the locals fought not only among themselves, but also with various demons and divine creatures. True, players will not be able to fully participate in these battles, since the game does not provide for PvP servers. That is, you will not have access to free PvP mode. True, the possibility of choosing fractions is still preserved here. All there are two big factions - Kujix and Asheroth. Each of them includes four races and five classes.

Game process

At the beginning of the game, nothing extraordinary awaits you. Immediately, one of the NPCs will give you a task to destroy local animals and take their skins. During this time, you can study the combat system well and gain some experience. True, the first ten levels will be boring and uninteresting. The most dynamic class in the game is the mage, which you still only have to use one button to play. He wields a bolt spell, which is not well executed. As the character develops, this bolt will be replaced with another one. In addition, some not the most successful buffs will be added, which will also be controlled by one key.

Monsters Algalon

In Algalon, most monsters can't really do anything to you, as often the health bar can fill up faster than they deal damage. Some monsters, especially quest monsters, are generally difficult to see, as they are covered by a large description, which indicates their name, level, and so on. The game also has a talent system very similar to WoW. The only difference is that here points are spent already from the first level.

Education system

Among the points that deserve a positive assessment, it is worth noting a well-thought-out training system. It looks like the skill tree in EVE Online, which has been nicely adapted to a fantasy game. In Algalon, each skill has several levels of mastery. At the same time, the study of later levels takes much more time. With the help of offline leveling, you have the opportunity to develop your skills even without visiting the game.


Most gamers rightly consider the Algalon project to be a failure. In their opinion, the creators made the release too fast, forgetting to fix all the technical problems. At the same time, they immediately wanted to make a paid subscription. As a result, the world of Algalon turned out to be one of the most empty.

Of course, over time, the developers tried in every possible way to stir up the project. To do this, several add-ons have been created. Six more races were added, new dungeons were included in the game, and the project itself became shareware. As a result, the process slowly exists. It turns out that, despite the numerous additions of content, the essence of the game has changed little. That is, it can be argued that Quest Online has developed a simple clone without much prospects for the future.

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