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Algalon game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: October 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

Quest Online, the developer behind Algalon, seems to have underestimated the fatigue gamers feel towards the world of Azeroth. Nevertheless, Algalon emerged as a comprehensive clone of the renowned WoW, borrowing many intricate details, such as skill icons. Released in mid-2019, Algalon is available on multiple platforms including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The development spanned nearly three years, aiming to capture the interest of MMORPG enthusiasts who are seeking a familiar yet slightly varied experience. The game targets North American and European markets, especially players aged 18-35 who enjoy fantasy settings and intricate lore. Since its release, Algalon has seen around 10,000 daily active users, culminating in approximately 3.65 million players annually, and a lifetime player base of about 1.5 million registered accounts. You can learn more about this project on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

World of Algalon

Algalon is a rich, ancient world over 6,000 years old. Throughout its history, the inhabitants have engaged in continuous conflicts, battling both among themselves and against various demonic and divine entities. However, players will not fully immerse in these epic battles as the game lacks PvP servers, meaning there is no free PvP mode. Despite this, faction selection remains a key feature, with two major factions: Kujix and Asheroth. Each faction includes four races and five classes, offering a variety of gameplay experiences.


The initial stages of Algalon don’t offer anything groundbreaking. Upon starting, an NPC will assign you the task of hunting local wildlife and collecting their skins. This period serves as a tutorial for the combat system and helps you gain initial experience. The first ten levels may feel tedious and lack excitement. The mage class is the most dynamic, yet early gameplay is reduced to using a single spell, a bolt, which isn't executed well. As characters progress, this bolt is replaced with another spell, along with some less effective buffs, all of which can be controlled with a single key.

Monsters of Algalon

Most monsters in Algalon pose little threat, as your health bar often refills faster than they can inflict damage. Quest monsters, particularly, are sometimes hard to spot due to large descriptions covering their names, levels, and other details. The game features a talent system reminiscent of WoW's, with the key difference being that points are allocated from the first level onwards.

Education System

One of the commendable aspects of Algalon is its well-designed training system. Resembling the skill tree in EVE Online, it has been adeptly adapted to fit a fantasy setting. Each skill in Algalon has multiple mastery levels, with later levels requiring significantly more time to learn. Offline leveling allows skill development even when not actively playing the game, adding a layer of convenience and strategy.


Many gamers view Algalon as a missed opportunity, citing a rushed release that left numerous technical issues unaddressed. Initially launched with a subscription model, the game struggled to retain players. Over time, developers introduced several expansions, adding six new races and more dungeons, transitioning to a freemium model. Despite these efforts, the core gameplay experience remains largely unchanged, leading many to see Algalon as a simple clone with limited long-term prospects.

Algalon: Development Journey and Player Base

Algalon was developed over nearly three years by Quest Online, aiming to capture the MMORPG enthusiasts who sought a familiar yet slightly different experience from the more established titles. The game was tailored for markets in North America and Europe, aiming at players aged 18-35 who enjoy fantasy settings and intricate lore. Since its release, Algalon has seen a fluctuating player base. On average, around 10,000 players log in daily, with a yearly player count reaching approximately 3.65 million. Over its lifetime, the game has garnered a player base of around 1.5 million registered accounts.

Review from MMOTOP.ORG

MMOTOP.ORG Review: Algalon offers a nostalgic trip for those who loved WoW, but it doesn’t bring much innovation to the table. The lack of PvP servers and the monotonous early gameplay stages are significant drawbacks. However, the well-designed training system and the variety of races and classes provide some redeeming qualities. The developers have made efforts to improve the game with additional content and a freemium model, yet it still feels like a project that fell short of its potential. Overall, we would rate Algalon at 55 out of 100. It’s a decent attempt but not a standout in the competitive world of MMORPGs.


What platforms is Algalon available on?

Algalon is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

When was Algalon released?

Algalon was released in mid-2019.

Can I play Algalon in PvP mode?

No, Algalon does not offer a PvP mode or PvP servers.

Is Algalon free to play?

Algalon has transitioned to a freemium model, allowing players to play for free with optional in-game purchases.

Game information last update: 26.04.2024

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