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Overview of the game Allegiance

Allegiance is a sci-fi style MMORPG that combines a mixture of strategy and simulation, as well as allowing for gigantic scale battles for space bases. The project was originally supervised by Microsoft's offshoot Microsoft Research, however, in 2004 it was not given away for free to independent developers, and since then it has been supported exclusively by these volunteers.

Users here can build their own spacecraft, ranging from small but fast starships to heavy, clumsy giants. All ships can be controlled from both third and first person. However, Allegiance features a dedicated team strategy mode where one player manages resource allocation and top-down strategy while the rest fight on the front lines.

At the beginning of the game, users are prompted to choose one of four factions: GigaCorp - a corporation that controls resources on the planets; Iron Coalition - descendants of Americans who escaped from the destroyed Earth; The Bios are a mysterious faction of genetically modified humans and the Belters are pirates and free traders. Despite the fact that the project was released back in 2000, it is still quite popular among fans of hardcore and Sci-Fi settings, so if you are not used to paying attention to graphics, you like interesting concepts, gameplay and team play, then this project is still waiting for you in its galactic expanses.

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