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Allure: IlluminaresIlluminares
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Illuminares is a browser-based MMORPG with a beautiful, but at the same time cruel and dangerous world, made in oriental style, with many quests, including deep dungeons. It is important to be able to fight here, as dangerous enemies lurk everywhere, and the most valuable artifacts are under the reliable protection of powerful bosses.

The player is offered a choice of four classes: Mage, Warrior, Virgo, Beast. Each class owns three types of weapons, in addition, each hero relies on a combat assistant to choose from: from a fragile fairy, to a samurai or martial artist, or any other inhabitant of the Illuminares world, drowning in cherry blossoms. In addition, gamers can purchase a mount almost at the very beginning of the game. At first, there can be both a rabbit and a wolf, but then it will be possible to purchase a combat phoenix or even a dragon.

On top of that, the game can offer other features, such as an achievement system, automatic quest search, joining guilds, PVP in designated areas, and even the Weapon of the Gods.

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