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Allure Online
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Overview of the game Allure Online

Allure Online is a browser-based project that tries its best to be similar to Diablo 2 and which was able to attract tens of thousands of players at one time. Unfortunately, at the moment the game is abandoned, but we can still speculate and talk about it.

Unlike Diablo 2, Allure Online had a multiplayer mode, which opened up new horizons for users. In total there were three playable classes: Ro, Kobo and Amrita. The latter skillfully wield staffs as a source of magic, Kobo are born melee fighters, Ro are excellent with bows, but if necessary, they can also engage in close combat.

Among other things, each player had the opportunity to own their personal Guardian, which could be either an animal or a person. The game was stuffed with a huge amount of content in the form of colorful locations with cities and NPCs, kilometers of dungeons, vast territories for PvP, quests and crafting.

Another surprise for the players was the leveling of the character, which could be shifted to the AI, and to join the battle itself only for the sake of PvP. Massacres were opened at level 21, and to participate in them it was desirable to join a good clan.

Perhaps this description may seem secondary to you, but at one time, due to some incomprehensible paranormal effect, Alluregame was at the top of fame among browsers. There were a huge number of users who wanted to explore the new world. Maybe the game will come out again someday, but at the moment it will be difficult for it to compete with other similar projects that offer much more than Alluregame in 2011.

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