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Altera is a browser project by G-type studio that has an interesting cover system, tactical battles like Fallout Tactics, as well as a well-thought-out role-playing component with an interesting storyline. The “bad guys” here are the people themselves, who, having polluted their planet, decided to do it with a new one, and it doesn’t matter if there are intelligent life forms on it or not. Therefore, according to the plot, we will have to destroy the poor natives on all fronts.

The combat system in Altera gets to know the players gradually. The first tasks will seem very easy and will not require any effort, but over time, they will become larger, more demanding and will test your tactical skills constantly. The game has a well-implemented cover system that allows you to get out of any fight alive, and a large arsenal of implants and weapons gives you room for a variety of tactics.

To make moves, you, like the enemy, will need action points, the number of which is limited along with the amount of time for one move, due to which the battles take place almost in real time. The most interesting part of the game starts after completing all the basic missions, when you are thrown into a large open world where you can become a doctor, a killer or a survivor. Massive battles with other players for influence are already starting here, it becomes possible to join guilds, participate in alliances and wars, group raids and interesting group quests are unlocked.

In general, the Altera project can be safely called a suitable replacement for Fallout Tactics, since the key features are almost the same, and in some cases even better than their heir.

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