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Ancient Siberia
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Ancient Siberia is an MMORPG from a little-known Valga Games studio that offers users to literally grow a hero for themselves in order to: walk around the fictional world of Tartaria in search of adventure, settle down, build a house and become an artisan, or be a hero, destroying clan enemies right and left .

The map in the game is 400 sq. km., but at the moment only 100 are available. There are various biomes, such as green valleys, centuries-old forests and snowy mountains. Sea routes are also available for research. Each player begins their journey as a child, who, as he grows and completes various quests, acquires the necessary abilities. While growing up, you will not be able to die and participate in PvP. As for the progression system, it's like in Skyrim, that is, skills are pumped as they are applied. For example, when fighting with swords (by the way, the combat system here is non-target), the skill “wielding swords” improves, and when creating equipment, “blacksmithing”.

Among other things, the developers will soon add social interaction. So, among the declared features there are: a system of guilds (clans), chat and a system of fines. The latter allows you to punish other players for illegal actions, such as stealing someone else's loot. If this happens, then a reward is assigned for the user's head and other inhabitants of the world of Tartaria can kill him.

In general, among the functions of Ancient Siberia there are really interesting moments, but it is too early to talk about the quality of their implementation. It's worth waiting for the release to find out how it really is.

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