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Angel Alliance
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Angel Alliance is a fantasy browser game with a colorful design, a turn-based combat system and a plot that lures gamers about the eternal struggle between good and evil with a demonstration of half-naked heroines.

Players in Angel Alliance will experience the role of angels fighting the Dark Lord, who blackmailed and meanness imprisoned a huge population of light creatures in a dungeon called "Abyss". What for? This is what we have to find out together with the release of beauties.

Turn-based battles here take place in a two-dimensional world, and the mobs are represented by the Dark Guardians and their subordinates. You can fight alone or with friends. However, in Angel Alliance you can equip your own small kingdom, where you can hire characters to clear dungeons and automatically complete quests.

In general, Angel Alliance is an ordinary browser in which you can spend time with pleasure. And when you get bored, you can always find a replacement, because at the moment there are a huge number of the same projects.

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