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Review of the game Angels Online

Angels Online is another Asian wonder game that was born by the Taiwanese studio UserJoy back in 2006. You could read about this project on the MMOTOP.ORG website. It is distinguished by two-dimensional graphics, which, of course, by modern standards, does not climb into any gates. In general, it seems that when creating the game, the developers used only Photoshop and nothing else. To make the graphics three-dimensional at the same time, obviously, there were simply not enough funds. The result was not the most successful, so the game will appeal only to not the smartest children or some extreme people who mentally remained somewhere in the 90s of the last century.

Game features

However, even taking into account the general wretchedness, there is something interesting in the game Angels Online too. For example, the developers took as a basis a very sentimental plot, which was probably written in Bollywood. According to the plot, Lucifer fell in love with a beautiful girl who had already given her heart to one angel. In frustrated feelings, Lucifer decided to turn this girl into tears, and from an angel he made just the light of a star. At the same time, he knew that the owner would not forgive him for this. Therefore, Lucifer quickly went to hell and started building military camps, where various evil spirits could train hard. In anticipation of hostilities, the angels also engaged in intensive training and at a certain moment decided to descend into Eden. And so began the bloodiest battles.


There are four regions in the Lands of Eden, ruled by four factions. There is a faction of Steel, Shadow, Beast and Aurora. Players get the opportunity to choose from 14 classes, which fall into three main areas: magical, production and combat. Each class has 6 skills. Of course, this is very small, so the creators decided to add a multi-class system with which you could combine skills. Of course, this is not God knows what an innovation, but there is no need to talk about more.

The rest of Angels Online is made just for the stencil. Throughout the game you will have to complete the same quests and destroy primitive monsters. At the same time, you will be able to make armor that looks exactly the same, which will differ only in different protection numbers in the description. If everything goes well, then over time your hero will be able to earn the honor of becoming a real Protector of Angels. Of course, the prospect is rather vague, so adequate gamers will simply choose other better games.

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