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Anime Pirates is a browser-based anime MMORPG by PlayWebGame that takes us into a world of pirate intrigue, treasure hunting and endless exploration with Luffy and his crew.

First you need to choose a hero representing you in the virtual world. There are only six classes and they are all tied to the floor. Female characters can be swordsmen, archers, and summoners, while male characters can be archers, mages, and also swordsmen. Each archetype has unique skills and specializations, so mages are full-fledged healers, archers are damage dealers, and swordsmen and swordsmen are tanks.

After choosing a class and going through a short introduction, where the user will be taught how to collect a team, battles, distribute experience points and point items, he sets off to conquer the Grand Line. Of course, it is impossible to conquer it alone, so as you progress through the storyline, assistants will constantly join you, making you stronger. All of them can be pumped, giving them new equipment, weapons and improving their skills.

You won't have to fight in Anime Pirates on your own, everything is automated. The system calculates the abilities and characteristics of the characters, and then shows the player a video with the battle. You can influence the outcome of the battle yourself only by competent arrangement of active abilities before the battle and pumping characteristics.

In summary, Anime Pirates is a good representative of the genre, having a nice anime design, an abundance of special effects and an average story that can appeal not only to anime fans, but also to gamers with a thirst for adventure who do not have a negative opinion about Japanese animation.

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