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Anime Saiyan game review

Anime Saiyan is a massively multiplayer browser-based RPG based on the popular anime series Dragon Ball, known in russia (the terrorist state) as Dragon Ball. According to the plot, the main characters were transported into the past twenty years to warn humanity and save the Earth from the invasion of robots. They were able to warn, but now they have to resolve the issue of the invasion.

Together with the Dragon Ball series, the Anime Saiyan project incorporated some features of the Naruto anime and games created based on it (Ultimate Naruto, Anime Ninja). The characters here under the control of the user are also independent. They themselves look for quests, fight themselves, hand over assignments themselves. As the story progresses, the player recruits a small army of assistants, pumps them, grooms and cherishes them, dresses only in the best. And when there is nothing to do, you can always stretch your muscles with other players in the PvP arena.

In general, if you are already tired of games like Ultimate Naruto, Anime Ninja, Anime Pirates, then Anime Saiyan can easily become an alternative for a few weeks.

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