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Apocalypse 2056 is a browser-based turn-based MMORPG made in isometric 2D style and post-apocalyptic setting. According to the plot, the Earth was subjected to various natural and anthropogenic (man-made) cataclysms, which caused almost all species of animals and plants to die out, global warming set in, and then radiation from a nuclear war and a shift in the planet's axis were added. Life for people became possible only in Antarctica, but even there you will have to fight ... For what ?, you ask, there is a reason ...

There are three opposing factions in the game: NOO - these are scientists who decided to continue their experiments, ECO - environmentalists defenders and simple, surviving guys who call themselves Homo. Three classes are available for each of the three sides: Soldier - a classic damage dealer, Scout - a hunter and scout in one person, and Attack aircraft, which are excellent in close combat.

After the start, the game will greet you with an avalanche of quests, first teaching, and then making you sweat. Gradually pumping on various dograts and hedgehogs, you can get out to free PvP locations to test your strength and have fun. And for PvE fans, the developers have prepared crafting, grouping to clear locations from mobs, and, of course, clan interaction.

In general, the project was good-looking and quite popular, but the developers did not have enough funds to maintain it. Perhaps it’s all the fault of the clumsily implemented in-game store, or too much spending on PR, in any case, the game can’t be returned and it’s pointless to talk about it.

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