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Arcfall game review

Arcfall is an old-school isometric fantasy MMORPG with a modern twist. The project is being developed by an independent studio from Canada, Neojac Entertainment, which means that we can expect an interesting gameplay that is not aimed at shaking out wallets.

The game is suitable for both PvP and PvE players, since here you can create your own guilds with friends, develop together in peaceful locations or raid other players in special zones, trade with various cities, create everything you need yourself (including building houses) and travel around seas. Also in Arcfall there is a classless character system, many instanced and instanceless dungeons, a banking system, mounts, the ability to purchase islands and much more.

This review describes both the already fulfilled promises of the developers and the planned ones, however, it will be possible to look at the game in all its glory only on the date of its release, but now the project is at the crossroads of early access, which means that you should not evaluate it seriously yet.

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