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Archaic is a survival project on a remote island inhabited by dinosaurs. You will be asked to try yourself in the role of a scientist, whose main task is to find the answer to the question: "Where did the reptiles come from?". But after the base station was destroyed, the scientists were not up to the search for truth, the task of surviving comes to the fore, and if this fails, then they will die in the most painless way.

In the current situation, players will have to survive by chopping trees, building plywood fences, in addition, you can craft chainsaws from stones and branches, use an ax to destroy velociraptors and run from T-Rex until you are lucky enough to find something stronger than M- 16.

The game features three types of dinosaurs, these are rather peaceful herbivorous triceratops (they should not be provoked), velociraptors who prefer to live in herds and actively hunt at night, at dusk and dawn, and the most dangerous tyrannosaurs, from which all local living creatures scatter in all directions.

Archaic was created with multiplayer in mind, but can also be accessed offline if desired.

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