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ArcheAge Walk game overview

ArcheAge Walk
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: October 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unreal Engine 4
XL Games
Free to Play

ArcheAge Walk is an innovative MMORPG developed by XLGAMES and published by Kakao Games, released on [insert release date]. This game draws inspiration from the popular mobile game Pokemon Go, blending it with the rich fantasy elements of the ArcheAge universe. Unlike its PC predecessor, ArcheAge Walk focuses on real-world exploration, using GPS to track players' locations. As players traverse their cities, they encounter monsters, complete quests, and achieve various objectives that help them level up, earn currency, and acquire crucial items for their avatars' growth.

The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible to a broad audience. Its development spanned approximately [insert development time], targeting the mobile gaming market and fans of the MMORPG genre. ArcheAge Walk has garnered a daily active player base of around [insert daily players], with yearly engagement reaching [insert yearly players]. Since its release, the game has accumulated a player base of [insert total players], reflecting its growing popularity.

The gameplay of ArcheAge Walk is enriched by its unique blend of augmented reality and traditional MMORPG elements. Players can engage in real-time battles with monsters, participate in community events, and collaborate with other players to complete challenging quests. The game also features a robust trading system, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade items they gather on their journeys. The integration of real-world locations with in-game objectives creates an immersive experience that encourages physical activity and social interaction.

Published by Kakao Games, a well-known name in the gaming industry, ArcheAge Walk benefits from strong marketing support and a dedicated community management team. The game's frequent updates and seasonal events keep the player base engaged and continually introduce new content and features. Whether you're a fan of the ArcheAge franchise or new to the world of MMORPGs, ArcheAge Walk offers a fresh and exciting take on mobile gaming.


Our editorial team at MMOTOP.ORG has delved into ArcheAge Walk, and while the game presents a compelling blend of augmented reality and traditional MMORPG elements, it has its highs and lows. The concept of integrating real-world exploration with in-game objectives is innovative and encourages players to stay active. The battles, quests, and trading systems add depth to the gameplay, making it more than just a walking simulator.

However, the game is not without its drawbacks. The reliance on GPS can lead to connectivity issues, and the necessity for constant movement might not appeal to all players. Additionally, while the game is free-to-play, it does have in-app purchases that can give paying players an edge, which might deter some users from fully enjoying the experience.

Overall, ArcheAge Walk is a solid entry in the mobile MMORPG genre, offering a unique and engaging experience. We give it a score of 65 out of 100, recognizing its innovative approach while noting areas for improvement.


What platforms is ArcheAge Walk available on?

ArcheAge Walk is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

How does ArcheAge Walk utilize GPS?

The game uses GPS to track players' real-world locations, allowing them to encounter monsters, complete quests, and achieve in-game objectives based on their physical movements.

Is ArcheAge Walk free to play?

Yes, ArcheAge Walk is free to play, but it includes in-app purchases that can enhance the gaming experience.

Who developed and published ArcheAge Walk?

ArcheAge Walk was developed by XLGAMES and published by Kakao Games.

Game information last update: 06.02.2024

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