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Monster slaying is a hallmark of almost all MMOs. There is even a separate subspecies in this genre, where the endless killing of mobs (the so-called "grinding") takes up most of the players' time. Some time ago, interest in such games began to fade, but today they are becoming popular again. For example, nine years after the release of Archlord, one of the leaders among Asian grinders, the developers have released a sequel - Archlord 2.

In the world of Archlord 2, you won't be able to take a step without fighting dozens of mobs that appear from everywhere: jumping from trees, falling from the sky, and even crawling out from under your feet. Actual, rare groups require more than two hits, so the transition from location to location is monotonous and monotonous mass destruction.

Unlike most online role-playing games, there are no classes in Archlord 2. Instead, all players start with similar skills and develop their characters as they progress through the game according to their preferred play style. Of course, it is possible to make a pure class out of your hero, be it a mage, tank, or healer, but it is more interesting to create a hybrid: a character with skills from different branches.

PvP in the game is presented in various modes: duels, fights to the death, battles between clans, and castle sieges. Victory is determined not so much by the quality of the game but by the equipment and, therefore, by the total time spent in the game.

However, the game is depressingly somewhat unfinished despite more than three years of development: forgettable scenery, textures gaps, and outdated non-player characters AI. Nevertheless, although Archlord 2 has no chance to compete with AAA-class projects, it occupies a pretty worthy place among grind games.

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