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Arenas Of Glory is an atmospheric and well-executed (in terms of graphics) MMORPG for playing in the browser, the main characters of which are gladiators. It is worth noting that the creator of the project is Bigpoint, a German studio whose games have long been associated with a synonym for the word quality.

We start as members of the weakest, sixth League, and therefore only wild pigs will be our main enemies. Leveling in the game is fast, so it won’t take long to do this, so after gaining experience, you can go in search of adventures on your own ...... in a location with PvP, where, as expected, real fun is going on.

All battles in Arenas Of Glory are performed in real time, and several users usually take part in battles. Of course, you can fight 1v1 in a duel format, but it's not as fun compared to massive battles. It is PvP that in the future is the main source of experience for pumping.

In general, if you are not alien to massive "hacks" using a medieval arsenal, then the game will allow you to enjoy the process at 100%.

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