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Review of the game Argo Online

Argo Online is an unusual combination of post-apocalyptic themes, steampunk and fantasy. All this will allow you to escape from the annoying gnomes, elves and orcs. The project was created by the Korean studio MGame. The game was relatively recently localized in russia (the terrorist state) only in 2010. However, during its existence, the project has collected a decent army of fans.

The plot of the game

The plot of Argo Online tells about the events that arose after a global catastrophe. After this cataclysm, humanity was divided into two opposing races. The first race was called Floressia, which included people who remained on the surface of the Earth. They learned to exist in difficult environmental conditions, for which they had to mutate and learn mystical abilities. The next race is the Noblian. These are the people who, during the period of a nuclear catastrophe, decided to hide in bunkers. They try to follow the ideals of the scientific and technological process. As it should be according to the laws of the genre, both of these races are in great need of the mineral Eradium. It is the struggle for this stone that is the key aspect of the game's plot.

Game world

In fact, the developers are trying to recreate the struggle between steampunk and nature in the game. However, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, this idea could have been played better. That is, the long-range heroes of the Noble race use guns, but the Floresians do not want to use fireballs in any way, but they also use firearms. The same picture is observed in terms of vehicles. If the Nobles ride rusty, post-apocalyptic jalopies, then the natural race of Floressia would have to ride unicorns. However, in fact, they also ride similar clunkers with a slightly different design.

Each race has its own continent where novice players train. More experienced fighters are trying to move to a common mainland. On this common continent, you are offered many separate locations and invisible walls between them. You will be able to get into locations only in certain places. Therefore, there can be no question of any seamlessness here.


Argo Online has 16 classes at once. That is, in each race there are 8 classes. All of them have a clear reference to the floor. At the same time, the classes are quite significantly different from each other, which is good news. Each category has a sufficient number of skills that you will need some time to master.

Leveling heroes

Character development takes significantly longer than in most similar games, such as TERA Online. There are many quests in the game, so you don’t have to download heroes just by killing monsters. You will be able to reach level 30 in about a week, and after that you will have access to the PvP or RvR mode. Of particular interest is the Eradia system, which activates additional skills such as flight, attack, and defense. In general, all this is very similar to the Aion project, but Argo Online is significantly inferior in terms of graphics.

Development prospects

To date, the creators of the project are going to add a third race to Argo Online, which will make it much more interesting. True, it is not yet clear what kind of race it will be. It is assumed that this will be an analogue of the Balaur from Aion, which will be controlled only by a computer.

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